Authentic Moroccan Cuisine

The menu at Imperial Fez Restaurant features traditional food from North Africa. Every plate served is a reflection of North African cuisine at its finest, handcrafted with the freshest produce, finest meats, and the best herbs and spices available. The Imperial Fez main dining room is set for dinner only. Prices for our five course set menu starts at $45 and up **During special event nights, we may offer additional menu options.**

Note: Guest in the main dining room must order an entrée. All others are invited to enjoy our Casablanca lounge. Thank you for your understanding.


Special Imperial Fez Slow Cooked Lamb Dinner for Pre Order Only (Must be ordered 48 hours in advance)

All Eat In Restaurant orders include rice, couscous, vegetables, tea and desert.

Whole Lamb Dinner –  Eat In Restaurant – (Serves 12) – $1.199.0

Whole Lamb – Take Out – (No Sides) – $600.00

Half Lamb Dinner – Eat In Restaurant – (Serves 6) –   $600.00

Half Lamb – Take Out – (No Sides) – $300.00

Lamb Shoulder Dinner – Eat In Restaurant – (Serves 5) –  $300.00

Lamb Shoulder – Take Out (No Sides) – $125.00



Imperial Fez now offers takeout everyday from 6 pm to 10 pm.  Simply place your order from the menu below and pickup at the host stand at the front of the restaurant.  Our takeout menu offers your Imperial Fez favorites plus some lighter fare including Mediterranean dishes.


Takeout Menu 2014


Now you can have your favorite Moroccan Cuisine delivered!

Zifty.com is now delivering Imperial Fez favorites around Atlanta.

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Patio and Lounge Menu:



Featured Recipes

Chicken Lemon and Olives


Two Cornish hens cut into quarters
Two medium onions one sliced Julien one finely chopped
One preserved lemon washed. The inside seed removed
and the meat chopped.
Save and slice the rime for garnish
1/2 pound of green or red olives
One table spoon of turmeric
One teaspoon of ginger powder
One 1/2 tea spoon Black pepper
3 leaves of bay leaves
Generous pinch of saffron soaked in small glass of warm
water to extract the colors and flavors
A hand full of parsley and cilantro shopped finely
1/3 cup of olive oil
One cup of water
Salt to taste
In a large bowl mix all the ingredients including the lemon meat chopped.
Place your quarter chicken in four inch deep baking tray pour all the mixed sauce on the chicken
and bake in preheated oven 350 for forty five minutes.
Chicken is ready when golden brown serve in large platter, garnish with the onion sauce sliced
lemon rhine and olives serve hot.
-Chef Rafih Benjelloun

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